Developer Wiki for Python Programming for (Q)GIS ('python4gis')

Welcome to the developer wiki for Python programming for GIS and QGIS at HSR. This project hosts several subprojects:
  • An introductory course to geographic information systems (GIS) programming with Python.
  • Python plugins to enhance productivity with QGIS.
  • Prototype QGIS Applications (Python plugin):
    • nplch - Fachapplikation für Nutzungsplanung (Bachelor Thesis, Spring 2010, abgeschlossen)
    • vnvm - Desktop Application for Traffic Simulation (Master Thesis, Spring 2011)
    • snpgis - Fachapplikation für Sondernutzungsplanung (April 2011)


  • Tobias Stähli/Stefan Keller (April 2011) => snpgis
  • Felix Hösch (Spring 2011) => vnvm
  • Simon Keller (Spring 2010) => nplch

QGIS plugin repository:

Internal Links: