What is tested?


Mappingtype Point

Importing a simple POI. => creates POI
Updating a simple POI. => updates POI
Deleting a simple POI. => deletes POI

Mappingtype Linestring

Importing a simple Road. => creates Road
Importing an invalid Road with no Nodes. => does not create Road
Updating a simple Road(redefining all referenced Nodes). => updates Road
Modifying a Node referenced by Road should update the Roads geometry. => does not alter the geometry! => Why Updating a geometry currently is impossible
Deleting a simple Road. => deletes Road

Mappingtype multipolygon

Improrting a simple Area. => creates Area.
Improrting an invalid Area. => does not create Area.
Updating a simple Area(redefine all nodes referenced). => updates geometry.
Modifying a Node which is referenced by the Area should update Areas geometry => does not alter the geometry! => Why Updating a geometry currently is impossible
Deleting a simple Area.

Mappingtype relation

Importing a simple relation. => Relation is imported and join-table-entries are created.
Importing an invalid relation. => Relation is not imported
Updating a simple relation. => Does not work; there are two problems;
  1. The relation is not deleted, there are two relations after a MODIFY in the relation table.
  2. The right SQL-Statement is generated, but cannot be inserted
    14:06:08.884 ERROR [ch.hsr.osminabox.db.OSMDBService] - org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "route_to_road_pkey" 
    14:06:08.884 ERROR [ch.hsr.osminabox.db.OSMDBService] - INSERT INTO route_to_road (route_id, road_id, role) VALUES ('1', '1', null) , ('1', '2', null) , ('1', '3', null);

    Probably, when inserting a modified relation, the old should be deleted first.

deleting a simple relation. => Relation is not deleted, nor are join-table entries.


Adding a tag to an entity for another mapping creates other mapping. => the existing entry is updated(keyvalue="tagkey=value1;value2") => there is now new/separate entry in the mapping table.
Removing a tag from an entity removes corestponding mapping. => Entity is removed
Modifying an existing tag creates correstopding mapping entries.
Two Mapping for the same Point but to different Tables --> Issue #6 solved this.
Modifying an existing tag, which triggers two different mappings to different tables.


Means is tested and working.
Means is tested, but not working.
Means not tested.

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