This is an open discussion page about OpenStreetMap-in-a-Box.

Forthcoming release

(priorities planned but all unconfirmed):
  • enhanced styling/graphics
  • faster refreshing of expired tiles

Known limitations

OpenStreetMap-in-a-Box has currently following limitations:

Version 1 (released)
  • NullPointer Exception in sync/diff loader?
  • It's read-only. There's no service to write back. The current solution is by writing back to OpenStreetMap directly via OSM API e.g. by using the web editor (Potlatch) or the desktop editor JOSM.
  • The config file can only
    • select/filter whole key-value pairs (word matches) from source database schema.
    • map to new attributes in target database schema.
  • For importing OSM data a bounding box can be given (i.e. no polygon).
    • When scheduler repeatedly calls osm2gis, the corresponding diff files with changes are added. Because there's only a bounding box parameter, well known boundaries from a polygon (like e.g. Switzerland) get filled up until the map shows alle data within the bounding box.


Bugs are best reported as a ticket. Users which don't have (yet) an account to open tickets are kindly asked to report bugs to 'sfkeller(ät)hsr(dot)ch'.
  • osm2gis: Nullpointer-Exception during incremental update.
  • Website: Wrong scale no. indicated (lower right).
    • Description: „Scale“ zeigt Faktor 100'000 zuviel an!
    • Test: Auf der höchsten Zoomstufe 18 stehen 5000km. Das sollten eher 0.05km (also 50m) sein.
    • Hints: This is due to wrong/missing OpenLayers parameters/class usage.

Enhancements / Ideas

  • Webpage:
    • Display date/time of last update: "Letzte Aktualisierung/Last Update: 01.12.2010 21:23h (UTC)"
    • Add "Legende" (ON/OFF) to display a legend image (Note: depending on Zoom Level!). (See other legends here or here).
  • Webservice: Call with Permalink/Geobookmark outside Switzerland gives white empty page; should give warning and reset to some default region (try Heidelberg http://labs.geometa.info/osminabox/?zoom=16&lat=49.40&lon=8.69).
  • Webservices (WMS/WFS) gehen noch nicht mit neuer/aktueller URL. Zudem stimmt die Konfig. nicht: Es wird Welt-BBox angegeben; richtig wäre die Schweiz. => Testen u.a. mit QGIS.
  • Create a "Map for Mobiles" by configuring GeoServer.
  • Installation script / guide:
    • better explanation of preparing users and their rights on PostgreSQL.
    • Explain Webservices config and test (e.g. with OpenJUMP oder QGIS) of !GeoServer: WMS etc.
  • data/config.: Add country/coastline boundaries (see http://www.gis.hsr.ch/wiki/Freie_Geodaten#Gel.C3.A4ndedaten) for more information.
  • osm2gis:
    • Beim Import, Angabe eines Polygons (als Erweiterung zu Bbox).
    • Test again with large data like Germany or World (whole planet file).
    • a. Das Hauptverzeichnis heisst osm2gis (im Trac source:Code/ ). Meiner Meinung nach wäre hier osminabox/ passender, das dann osm2gis/, geoserver/ etc. umfasst.
    • b. Dann habe ich kurz nach dem www-Verzeichnis gesucht: Gehört das wirklich unter geoserver/ ?
    • c. In der Datei: ".../geoserver/www/index.html" gibt es viel Javascript: Das sollte wohl besser in eine .js ausgelagert werden.
Big enhancements:
  • Integrate new GeoWebCache functionality like Tile Expiration and Atom/RSS feed for data change singalling.
  • API/Schnittstelle: Ergänzen durch OSM XAPI (read-only) als weiterer Web-Service.
  • osm2gis: Änderungen auf die Datenbank zurückschreiben und zurück-synchronisieren der lokalen Daten mit dem OSM-Server (OSM API) (JOSM als OSM API Client; welcher WFS Client?) It's read-only. There's no service to write back. The current solution is by writing back to OpenStreetMap directly via OSM API e.g. by using the web editor (Potlatch) or the desktop editor JOSM (BIG TASK!!!).
  • osm2gis: Manage ref-Attributes (aka common foreign key values) as a collection/aggregation of objects. Implies some extensions to some components of osm2gis including configuration file (and handling).

Enhanced Styling

Additional Map Elements

Additional Map Elements require the Tags (Key-Value-Pair) from their respective OSM-Entity representatives. The following list is a suggestion for those additional needed Tags:

General Discussion

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