NeoMap is a offline Android-application, which uses GPS to display the users prosition on a georeferenced raster image. It also can be used as an online app which uses OpenStreetMap and Service as source.

With NeoMap App you can:
  • "Background Map" layer:
    • Map viewer of OpenStreetMap online and offline (Mapnik)
  • "NeoMap" layer:
    • Map viewer of own maps (NeoMaps) online and offline
    • Own maps are for private use (default) or can be made available to the public
  • "POIs" layer:
    • Add, edit and search POIs (search by name)
    • Export POIs as GPX, KML
  • General map functions:
    • Zoom in/out (Pinch in/out) and Pan
    • Map rotates to North (on/off)
    • Map follows own position (Follower Mode)
    • Maps are cached for offline navigation (no separate action needed)
    • Map autoload, when leaving current map, or when a more detailed map is found
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Show own position (crosshair), coordinates inc. accuracy, altitude, compass
    • Enter coordinates to center map
    • Currently supported GUI languages: english and german

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