How to map a new place


  • A digital image of the place you want to map(building plan)
  • A Computer with the IndoorWPSPcLocator-Application

Step 1 - Georeferencing the image

First you need to georeference your map. The easiet way to do this is to open it in !GoogleEarth and add it as an image overlay. Follow these steps and you should be done in a few minutes.
1. Open Google Earth and go to the place you want to map
2. Rightclick on 'My Places' -> Add -> Image Overlay

3. Browse for your image
4. Rotate/Zoom/Pan your image to match the region shown on the image(make to image half transparent to simplify this process)

5. Save your image overlay: Rightclick on the created image -> Save Place as. Choose ''.kml'' not ''.kmz''! as format.

Step 2 Rotating to north

Because the current version of the IndoorWPSPcLocator can't deal with rotated images, you need to rotate north. This is done with the WorldFileTool[].
1. Download and open the !WorldFileTool
2. Import the .kml file you generated in Step 1 into the tool

3. You can now specify the floor that your image shows.

4. Click "Export as KML" and save it to the disk

Step 3 Importing to IndoorWPSPcLocator

1. Open the IndoorWPSPCLocator
2. Create a new Area or use an existing one.
2. Choose "Maps -> Import Map from KML" from the menue to load the map into the application.

Congratulations, you have created a new map!
The next step is to provide some Fingerprints.

See HowToFingerprint for further informations.

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