We recently migrated our scm from SVN to GIT so if you encounter any difficulties, please leave a comment.

zu git submodules/Organisation

If you are interested in only one of the submodules, you can clone only this repository. Assumeing you want the code for IndoorWPSLib, just do a

git clone http://dev.ifs.hsr.ch/git/iwps/IndoorWPSLib.git

and your done.

We recommend cloning the submodules directly, to avoid confusion.

Currently, we offer a public accessible http read only git access, to check out all indoorwps related projects and code, simply do a

git clone http://dev.ifs.hsr.ch/git/iwps.git

If you do this, you will clone all of our sourcecode, which is organized in git-Submodules. Make sure to run

git submodule init;
git submodule update;

after the clone.

If you make some changes on a submodule, make sure to call

git checkout master

*BEFORE* you commit! this is necessary, because when git submodule update is called, git is in detached head mode.

You can do this for all submodules by calling

git submodule foreach --recursive 'git checkout master'

If you want to have push(write) access, we manage that via a gitolite server. Send an email with your public-key to to get registered.
You will then be able to clone the project with a

git clone gitolite@dev.ifs.hsr.ch:iwps.git

and push to it, if the administrator has enabled you as a committer.

But bear in mind, that the submodules will be included from the http-read-only repository, so if you want to push to a submodule(IndoorWPSLib, you need to either change/add the remote in this submodule to something starting with :iwps/Submodulename.git .
For Example:

cd IndoorWPSServer
git remote set-url origin gitolite@dev.ifs.hsr.ch:iwps/IndoorWPSServer.git
git remote -v # verify the change

Repeat this for every submodule.

Another way is to clone the Submodule seperately.

git clone gitolite@dev.ifs.hsr.ch:iwps/Submodulename.git

You could also send us a patch, containing your changes.