How to capture fingerprints:

There are two ways to add new Fingerprints to existing maps. If you have access to an Android phone with a Wi-Fi-Card, you could use the IndoowWPSAndroidLocator application. If you only have a Wi-Fi enabled Laptop, you could do all the work in the IndoorWPSPcLocator Application. It's recommended to use the Android application, because most Laptops are really slow in discovering the visible accesspoints, whereas the android platform is much faster.


1. Having a georeferenced map of the place you want to capture Fingerprints (see HowToMap)
2. A Wi-Fi-Enabled laptop with IndoorWPSPcLocator-Application
3. An Android phone with Wi-Fi card with the IndoorWPSAndroid.apk installed (optional)

Capturing Fingerprints with a Laptop

1. Import/download the map on which you want to create Fingerprints.
2. Start the scanning(Control -> Start scanning)
3. Go to theTools -> Fingerprints view. If you click the "Create" button, a new Fingerprint with the current signals will be created and added to the Unpositioned Fingerprints list see step 14 of "Capturing Fingerprints with an Android phone" to see how to position them on the map. Keep in mind that the signal takes some time to stabilize(on Laptops sometimes more than 2 minutes). The best results were achived by switching the wlan-Adapter off and on before measuring a new Fingerprint.
4. repeat step 3 until enough Fingerprints are captured.
5. Feel free to export and send the Area tu us, so others can profit from your work!

Capturing Fingerprints with an Android phone (at the moment not suported)

1. Start the IndoorWPSAndroidLocator
2. open the menu and navigate to "Create Fingerprint"
3. wait for the signals to stabilize(can take up to 1 minute)
4. There are two possibilities to add a fingerprint. You could fill out the textfields quering for a description and the exact position and press save. Because it's rather exhausting and error-prone to enter the coordinates manualy, there is another way. A click on "Create Fingerprint without position" will create a Fingerprint with the current signals, but with no position. The position-information will be added later on a Laptop, using the IndoorWPSPcLocator. You still have to note down where you captured wich Fingerprint, but you could do this fast and easy on a print-out of your building-plan. The IndoorWPSAndroidLocator will automatically asign and display a unique description for Fingerprints without a position. This ID is what you would write down on your print-out building plan.
5. Repeat Step 1-4 until enough fingerprints are captured and saved into local database.
6. If you entered all the position-information manually, you can skip to step 16. If you created the Fingerprints without the position and noted their position and ID on a seperate sheet, you have to asign their position manually, using the IndoorWPSPcLocator. But don't worry, this step is fast and easy.
7. First you have to get your data from your Android device to your Computer. To do this, go to the start-page of the IndoorWPSAndroidLocator and click "Create Backup". This will write the data to the SD-Card of your device. You can now close the IndoorWPSAndroid Application.
8. Connect your Andoid device to the Computer and enable USB-Sharing.
9. Open the IndoorWPSPcLocator and open the Backup-View.
10. Choose "Load from Disk" and navigate to your android SD Card. The backupfile is located unter ''SDCard/indoorwps/''. Load this Backup. Note: none-backuped or uploaded data in the IndoorWPSPcLocator will be lost, so make sure to save this data first!
11. Go to "Maps" and import your georeferenced map.
12. Display the map by selecting it from the list and clicking on "display"
13. Open the "Unpositioned Fingerprints" tab. you should now see all the Fingerprints you captured in Step 4.
14. Select an unpositioned Fingerprint and doubleclick on the map to set the position. At this point, you have to consider the notes taken in step 4. You can remove unpositioned Fingerprints while they are not positioned, for example if you have forgotten where you took them.
15. Repeat step 14 until the Unpositioned Fingerprints list is empty.
16. You can now upload the Fingerprints to a Server, by navigating to Webservice, choosing "Upload to Server" and selecting the newly created Fingerprints.

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