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IndoorWPS - A WiFi-based, Crowd-Sourced Indoor Positioning System (Clients, Webservices, Server). Download the latest build of the IndoorWPSPcLocator from our Hudson Buildserver and give it a try!




Because there are so many projects, here is an image, explaining the relationships.


  • IndoorWPSLib implements as much functionality as possible without tieing it to a specific platform. Things like the algorithms or Backup-Functionality are defined here, whereas Database-Communication or ImageDrawing is tied to a platform and therefore implemented in the layer above.
    The Project is located at IndoorWPSLib
  • PcLib or IndoorWPSPc Implements platform dependent things for Pc(Windows, Mac, Linux) supported. For exaple reading the Wifi-Signal-Stringhs is implemented here.
    The Project is located at IndoorWPSPc
  • AndroidLib or IndoorWPSAndroidLib is the same as the PcLib but for the mobile android-Platform.
    The Project can be found here: IndoorWPSAndroid
  • PcLocator or IndoorWPSPcLocator is an application which uses both, the PcLib and the platform-independent lib. It provides functionality to add Fingerprints, create new georeferenced Maps and communicate to a Webservice, in order to share your data.
    The Project is located at IndoorWPSPcLocator
  • Neomap is a showcase of how the IndoorWPSLib and IndoorWPSAndroid can be used to enable mobile devices with the ability to not only use GPS as a Location provider, but use IWPS as an alternative.
    The Project lives at NeoMap
  • IndoorWPSAndroidLocator This app for the android platform is not mentioned in the diagram, but is also worth taking a look at. It provides the functionality to capture fingerprints in a faster and more efficient way than is is done using IndoorWPSPcLocator. Check out the source and information at IndoorWPSAndroidLocator


  • read UseTheLib to learn how to build your own IWPS-location-aware application


Show Cases / Applications


Repositories of Subprojects




  • Michael Klenk, research assistant 2011
  • Tobias Stähli, intern 2011
  • Jianxin He alias 'Vic', internship project, spring/summer 2010
  • Sachin Patney, internship project, spring semester 2009 (PointZero component of IndoorWPS Clients)
  • Gino Paulaitis, intern autumn 2008 - spring 2009
  • Alexander Schmidt, semester thesis, autumn semester 2008
  • Philipp Gachnang, semester thesis, autumn semester 2008
  • Philipp Denzler & Micha Aprile, diploma thesis, spring semester 2008


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